Nightly builds for Windows

The nightly builds allow you to test the very latest developments and bug fixes. The goal is to catch new crashes and regressions before they reach the prereleases or stable versions. For a more detailed description see Comparison of stable, prerelease, and nightly builds

A nightly build can run side-by-side with other versions of MuseScore on the same computer. If you change the preferences in the nightly build it does not affect your preferences in the prerelease or stable versions of MuseScore. The nightly builds use a cymbal logo to visually differentiate them from normal versions of MuseScore. The cymbal is a play on the fact that nightly builds are likely to crash. If this sounds scary to you, use the latest stable release instead. For the latest stable version of MuseScore visit


  1. Download one of the "MuseScoreNightly" files from the Download section below. (The first is the most recent)
  2. After the download finishes, uncompress the file using 7-Zip. (If you have not used 7-Zip before then you need to download and install it from their website first)
  3. After the file uncompresses, open the folder you just uncompressed
  4. Open the "bin" folder and double-click on "nightly.exe" to start MuseScore


Windows nightly builds maintained by David Bolton

* If you experience a crash on startup for builds after 2012-09-04, you need to delete the MuseScore profile folder. On recent versions of Windows (Vista, 7, or 8) go to C:\Users\YOUR-USERNAME\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScoreDevelopment and delete the profile folder. On Windows XP go to C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR-USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\MuseScore\MuseScoreDevelopment and delete the profile folder. Note: AppData is actually a hidden folder. See instructions for viewing hidden files.

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